Mulch is simply a layer of material applied to the surface of your soil, typically around a landscape bed or garden. Mulching can reap a variety of benefits for your lawn and should be part of your lawn care plan.

Mulching is more than just a method for controlling the growth of weeds in your lawn. There are multiple benefits of mulching including:

·         Minimizes soil compaction

·         Helps with soil nutrition

·         Prevents erosion

·         Maintains an even soil temperature

·         Conserves wetness

·         Increases visual appeal

·         Allows for easier planting

Not all mulch is created equal. Our experts can assist in determining which type of mulch—organic or inorganic—works best for your specific application. Types of mulch can include, but are not limited to:

·         Dyed – brown, red or black hardwood mulch

·         Compost

·         Compost / Topsoil Mix (Black Gold)

With proper landscaping, your lawn can be as beautiful as ever, and make a great first impression. We at Mid-States Lawn Care know your time is valuable. Let us make sure your lawn is kept up to your standards.

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