Lawn Grass Seeding


At Mid-States Lawn Care we offer residential customers seeding services that can enhance the look of your lawn. If you want a green and lush lawn, seeding is a vital step of the process. Seeding can also fill in those bare spots that are in your lawn. Our professionals can assist in determining how your lawn can benefit from seeding. This could range from overseeding your existing lawn or if renovation is needed to replace old turf.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about lawn seeding:

Timing—Timing is everything. We suggest seeding in the fall due to shorter days, cooler nights, and typically heavier dews.

Water—Your freshly seeded lawn needs the proper amount of water. In the beginning, you may want to water twice daily depending on weather conditions. Once the new grass is established, you may water it less. If you are interested in an irrigation system, learn how our irrigation services can benefit you.

We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect lush, green lawn you desire!

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