Irrigation Sprinkler System


At Mid-States Lawn Care we believe proper watering of your lawn is a vital part of making sure your lawn is kept to its fullest potential. Having an irrigation system that is designed specifically for your lawn offers several advantages by saving time.

Our irrigation systems are designed to be automatic and easy to manage so you will have peace of mind with the backing of our expertise and knowledge.

Why irrigation?

·         You do not need to worry about over- or under- watering your lawn.

·         Water management allows watering your lawn with the right amount at the right time.

·         You will see noticeable results in your lawn’s overall appearance and health.

In addition to installation, our services include:

·         Repair of broken pipes and sprinkler heads

·         Diagnose water pressure issues

·         Eliminate leaks

·         And much more

Irrigation is also extremely helpful if you are seeding your lawn and don’t have time for moving sprinklers and hoses around your yard.

If you are interested in setting up your residential lawn with our irrigation services, contact Mid-States Lawn Care today to see how we can assist you.

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