Lawn Aeration


Mid-States Lawn Care’s aeration services hold many benefits for your lawn. Aeration allows for air, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass. The main reason to aerate your lawn is to alleviate soil compaction. If your soil compacts, your grass experiences lack of breath and nutrients since your roots are suffocating.

Mid-States Lawn Care can help prevent these issues with our aeration services and allow your lawn to flourish all year round.

If your grass is thin, it is more likely to experience quicker development of weeds. A few of the benefits of aerating your lawn are:

·         Decreases thatch buildup

·         Stimulates root growth and promotes deeper root growth

·         Promotes more drought tolerant lawns

·         Improves water drainage from turf

·         Promotes quicker green up and recovery

If you are unsure if your lawn needs aerating, try inserting an object such as a shovel into the soil. If it is easily accomplished, there is no need for aeration. However, if it is difficult you need to aerate your soil. When to start aerating depends on your type of grass.

Once aeration is completed, you should start to see fuller, greener grass within weeks or a couple months. Yearly maintenance may be necessary to keep your lawn in the desired shape. Aeration and overseeding should be included as an annual lawn maintenance.

If you believe your lawn is in need of our aeration services, contact Mid-States Lawn Care today.

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