Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Cleaning up your property seasonally can be a large job. Why not have our professionals at Mid-States Lawn Care take care of it for you? We are lawn care service experts who understand that your time is limited as well as valuable. Enjoy your cleaned up and season-ready lawn without the hassle.

Spring Cleanup

After months of falling leaves, snow, and cold weather, your lawn could probably use some attention. Let our experts get your lawn ready for Spring so you can enjoy your lawn worry free.

Our spring cleanup services include:

·         Removing leaves, branches, and clutter

·         Mowing the grass

·         Re-seed damaged areas of lawn

·         Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs

·         Removing debris

·         Cleaning gardens and flower beds

Those are just a few of the services we offer for your spring cleanup. At Mid-States Lawn Care, we want our residential customers to be fully satisfied with the look of their property. Call us today to schedule your spring cleanup.

Fall Cleanup

Fall can be beautiful, but it can also bring on the extra job of maintaining your lawn. At the end of the season, let our experts get your lawn back in excellent condition.

Our fall cleanup services include:

·         Raking and compositing leaves

·         Mowing the grass

·         Cleaning up branches and other lawn debris

·         Controlling weeds

·         Updating planted flowers

·         Application of fertilizer

Those are just a few of the fall cleanup services we offer. If you are interested in hearing about all of our cleanup services and want to schedule an appointment, contact us today. We are standing by to assist you.